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Accelerating INDs
at the speed of AI

Weave together millions of source threads at the speed of AI and cut your IND application time.


It's time to modernize your IND application process

Ever feel like a supercomputer in the lab and a typewriter in the application process? With Weave, your IND is as innovative as your research.


Find & unify data in record time

An IND is big. But the source data is much, much bigger. Sifting through endless Word docs and PDFs is inefficient and time consuming. Now, you can pull the right data at the speed of AI.


Automate your drafting process

Time to write is what stands between you and your trials, fundraising, market approval, and more. It's a manual process in an automated world. If your data is fixed, and the application requirements are fixed, why not let AI do the work for you?


Make updates effortless

IND updates are inevitable, but one single change can impact dozens of pages across your application. Weave uses the power of AI to help you avoid document chaos, making changes accurately and efficiently to fit your application.

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Weave together millions of source threads at the speed of AI and cut your IND application time.

What Can You Do with Weave?

Faster Doc Drafting
Navigate Your Data
Streamline Reviews
Auto Content Update

Accelerate Your Document Drafting

  • Source the right documents
  • Autogenerate drafts within minutes
  • Refine Drafts with AI augmentation
  • Self editing
  • Unlimited reiteration and regeneration

Navigate Your Data

  • Recommend Data for Applications
  • Find data with natural language
  • Instantly retrieve documents
  • Micro search relevant passages
  • Natural language queries

Streamline Reviews

  • Easy review retrieval
  • Side by side content review
  • Pull Review supporting/source documents
  • Augmented Annotation
  • AI review audit with annotations and suggestion

Auto Content Update

  • Auto Content Drafting for IND Updates
  • Effortlessly draft content using new source documents
  • Streamline IND data conflict resolution
  • Easily identify impacted sections with IND updates for seamless navigation
  • Generate reports on the affected sections post-update

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