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It's time to modernize your IND process

Start with a first draft, not a blank page. Weave together millions of source threads.

Draft, review and submit more powerful regulatory documents faster than before.


A living record of your therapeutic candidate.

Your IND is a cornerstone to your therapeutic achievements. Don’t just draft it once, seamlessly weave together each new piece of data and tell the dynamic story of your IND in the way your therapy deserves.

Create an IND faster without compromising on quality

Conventional IND submissions can take months for your team to draft. With Weave’s AI-native platform, draft your IND in a day. Leverage Weave’s in-platform process for quality review and significantly enhance editing and refinement capabilities.

Gain greater control over your IND submission process

An IND submission is pivotal to your success. Extract and organize the right data with an AI-enabled approach that gives you control over and visibility to every part of your IND.

Spend more time on strategic planning

Submitting an IND is a manual process in an automated world. Why not let AI take care of the tasks where it can perform more consistently? Eliminate work like formatting and authoring. Give yourself more time for strategic planning and creative thinking.

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Weave together millions of source threads at the speed of AI and cut your IND application time.

What can AutoIND do for you?

Don’t just assemble data, tell the story of your drug.

Accelerate Drafting
Efficiently Navigate Data
Streamline QC & Review

Accelerate Your Document Drafting

  • Auto generate drafts within minutes
  • Ensure adherence to regulatory guidelines
  • Refine content with AI augmentation
  • Maintain complete editing control
  • Focus on more meaningful creative and strategic questions

Efficiently Navigate Your Data & Source Files

  • Organize content effortlessly
  • Tag and search document categories
  • Automatically generate summaries
  • Trace content to source documents rapidly
  • Feel more confident and in control of the process

Streamline Your QC & Review Process

  • Auto update quickly with new reports
  • Easily resolve IND data conflicts
  • Generate reports on affected sections post-update
  • Collaborate effectively with multiple reviewers
  • Worry less about errors and inconsistencies

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