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Our Team

Ari Caroline

CEO & Co-Founder

Emergent order catalyst. Previously Chief Analytics Officer at Memorial Sloan Kettering

Umut Eser

CTO & Co-Founder

Innovator, problem solver. Previously Chief Innovation Officer at Doctor Evidence and Head of ML Research at Cellarity

Shlomo Klapper

COO & Co-Founder

Relentlessly resourceful, polytropos. Amateur organizational psychologist. Former lawyer, ex-Palantir

Brandon Rice

Chief Product Officer

Customer exponent and skeptical optimist. Previously product leader at Resilience, Synthego, Freenome.

Levi Malott

VP of Engineering

First-principles builder and engineering leader. Creating high-value, high-performance systems and teams. Ex-SpaceX, BetterUp, and Pachama.

Martin Preusse

Sr. Product Manager

Data-driven knowledge practitioner. Creating actionable insights from data with knowledge graphs, AI, and good intentions.

Melissa Morine

Principal NLP Engineer

Rational empiricist, natural language modeler. Former NLP lead at Vydiant

Vicente Plata

Staff Software Engineer

Strives to empower teams that ship quickly, measure and iterate based on their learnings. Ex Microsoft, hims & hers, Shopify.

Rob Annand

Principal Machine Learning Engineer

MacGyver-like relentless problem solver. Previously Director of Data Science at ConcertAI, ex-DataRobot.

Dani Bergey

Head of Design

Curiosity-driven science communicator. Designing effective, meaningful stories driven by biomedical data and insights.

Rob Banagale

Senior Product Engineer

Innovative full-stack engineer. Babson and Oregon State alumnus. Developing user-focused web applications and advancing tech solutions.

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