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About Weave

At Weave we are on a mission to provide a technically robust, AI-enabled platform to address major pain points inherent in the pharma and biotech industries. We are passionate about enhancing customer capabilities with solutions that save significant time, return capacity to teams, lower overall costs, and ultimately decrease the time it takes to get treatments to patients.

December 2023
Seed funding from Innovation Endeavors and Magnetic Ventures
January 2024
Company launch with a focus on platform development
March 2024
Early release of AutoIND, our AI-native solution for IND preparation
June 2024
Full commercial launch of AutoIND for pharma and biotech customers

Our Team

Meet the team with a perfect mix of life science, AI, regulatory, and software experience.

Ari Caroline


Emergent order catalyst. Previously Chief Analytics Officer at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Umut Eser


Innovator, problem solver. Previously Chief Innovation Officer at Doctor Evidence and Head of ML Research at Cellarity.

Brandon Rice


Customer exponent and skeptical optimist. Previously product leader at Resilience, Synthego, Freenome.

Sean Campbell


Veteran organizational architect who builds to last. Ex-Dovetail Genomics, Driscoll's, Ticketfly.

Lindsay Mateo


Patient-focused industry leader and energetic customer advocate, driven by curiosity and a passion for innovation in healthcare technology.

Levi Malott

VP of Engineering

First-principles builder and engineering leader. Creating high-value, high-performance systems and teams. Ex-SpaceX, BetterUp, and Pachama.

Jennica Alcalde

Sr. Frontend Engineer

Part wizard, part muggle—I grow, stumble, conquer, and laugh. Thrilled to be on a tech-tastic magic carpet ride of innovation and teamwork.

Jason Astorquia

Staff Backend Engineer

Seasoned engineer and architect of intuitive and maintainable solutions to complex problems. Truth seeker & abstract artist.

Rob Banagale

Sr. Backend Engineer

Innovative full-stack engineer. Babson and Oregon State alumnus. Developing user-focused web applications and advancing tech solutions.

Dani Bergey

Sr. Product Designer

Curiosity-driven science communicator. Designing effective, meaningful stories driven by biomedical data and insights.

Ahmed Doghri

Sr. AI Engineer

Seasoned AI Engineer developing natural language and predictive data pipelines in pharma and banking. Ex-IBM and BenchSci.

Edye Edens

Regulatory Lead, Customer Success

Relentless research ethicist and regulatory consultant. Attorney by trade, rebel by calling.

Taylor Fahey

Staff Backend Engineer

Diligent engineer and entrepreneur. Crafting exceptional products and accelerating startups from zero to one.

Caroline Ford

Sr. Product Designer

Product designer by trade, artist at heart. Motivated by friendly debates, curiosity, and a deep empathy for customers.

Ben Fowlersmith

Sr. AI Engineer

Self-taught visionary and engineer with a knack for AI. Thrives on defying conventions and adventuring beyond the beaten path.

Wes Galliher

Staff Product Manager

Empathy-driven systems thinker and continuous learner. Previously product leader at Productable, Pivotal Labs, Children's Health.

Justice Gray

Staff Frontend Engineer

Builder of dreams. Champion of elegant code, inclusive culture, and energetic conversation.

Melissa Morine

Staff AI Engineer

Rational empiricist, natural language modeler. Former NLP lead at Vydiant.

Michael Palazzolo

Sr. AI Engineer

Transparent communicator, big picture thinker, disciplined scientist and developer.

Vicente Plata

Staff Frontend Engineer

Strives to empower teams that ship quickly, measure and iterate based on their learnings. Ex Microsoft, hims & hers, Shopify.

Rex Posadas

Staff Backend Engineer

Lifelong coder. Avid reader.

Martin Preusse

Sr. Product Manager

Data-driven knowledge practitioner. Creating actionable insights from data with knowledge graphs, AI, and good intentions.

Gretchen Ward

Staff Frontend Engineer

Catherine York

Executive Admin

Creative pragmatist, motivated by the desire to streamline progress towards achieving positive outcomes.

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